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Shrink Rap Radio interviews (click on the title)-

The Hidden Psychology of Pain

Getting the Z's You Want

EMDR, experiential psychotherapy interview


You Tube video presentations (click on the titles):-

The Hidden Psychology of Pain introduction

EMDR explained 1

EMDR explained 2

Interview of EMDR client

Pharmacogenomics & psychiatric drugs

EFT Explained 1

EFT Explained 2

Changing Self-beliefs (You are the Placebo)

Electro Convulsive Treatment survivor John H interviewed 


Guided Imagery/Relaxation recordings (click on the title to purchase as a downloadable MP3 file)


Chronic Pain workshop recordings 2014                                      


these 5 recordings are also available on You Tube, which can also show transcripts for the hearing impaired.


Articles by James Alexander

So, what helps?

Dementia & Mortality from prescription drugs?

Psychosis, DID & Trauma

What Makes it an antidepressant?

What Kids Need

SSRI Withdrawal Effects

Deconstructing Depression

Intimate Adult Relationships

Adverse Childhood Events (ACE) Studies

Inside EMDR: a neurological perspective

ADHD- in search of a Grand Narrative

Now- Stop Overthinking Everything


Experiential Psychotherapist video interview- EMDR, Trauma & Memory Reconsolidation


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