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Chronic pain has been correctly described as the invisible crisis at the heart of contemporary life. Despite stunning advances in other areas of medical science, no similar breakthrough in the treatment of chronic pain has resulted from an exclusive focus on the body. My life was redefined by a car accident in my late teens, and the chronic physical and emotional trauma inspired me to become a psychologist. Now pain-free, I have dedicated my entire adult life to helping others overcome similar challenges, specializing in the treatment of chronic pain and psychological trauma. Recovery from chronic pain is possible, and this guide offers a valuable resource for working toward that goal. The recovery from chronic pain requires that we revisit and challenge the outdated attitudes and practices that have been used with little result. With the proliferation of medical and psychological research, for the first time we are at a point in history where these notions of pain recovery can be validated by research-based evidence. For too long, we have been looking in all the wrong places. Specifically, the problem lies at the core of our culture, which still treats the physical and nonphysical aspects of the human as separate experiences. This innovative program involves a journey of self-discovery, a new way to approach medical and psychological care of chronic pain, and advice on the most effective types of help to pursue.


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Getting the Zs You Want offers insights into the many causes of sleep disturbance, and a range of helpful understandings and strategies crafted to improve our sleep experience, including EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique 'tapping'.) Topics include:- the BRAC (basic rest/activity cycle) of the brain, an awareness of which allows for proper timing of sleep; sleep anxiety and what to do about it; the role of trauma in interfering with sleep; various supplements which can be trialed; information about some of the down-sides with pharmaceutical sleep aids; and the role of 'energy psychology' in assisting with both anxiety and sleep.  Click on the image for a brief video intro. Click here for a Shrink Rap Radio interview about the book.





Tendrils of Trauma- an 'insiders' report on the experience of trauma which resulted from a serious car accident. This book is a personal memoir of the ongoing ramifications of trauma across an adult life, both positive and negative, and is interspersed with what science currently tells us about both the impacts of trauma and the factors essential to recovery. It is a must read for anyone carrying significant trauma, and those who care about them. As a case study, professionals will also find a rich resource in their goal of assisting traumatised people. Click here for a video introduction to the book.


"Dr James Alexander offers valuable insights in this honest, engaging and entertaining reflection forty years after his car accident. Despite our best efforts, the tendrils of trauma can continue to infiltrate our lives in many ways for many years. As a person overcoming trauma myself, I found the personal account very relatable. The musical elements embedded throughout the novel act as a beacon of hope. A beautiful story well worth the read."

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