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Kids drugged way to easily

Posted on May 6, 2013 at 4:05 AM

There is a popular perception in the general community that physicians (GPs, pediatricians, child psychiatrists) are very quick to place kids on potentially harmful drugs for ADHD and ADD. Such claims are usually met with standard medical responses which suggest that this perception is simply wrong- responsible physicians never drug children without thoroughly exploring all the alternatives. Research has just revealed that up to 90% of prescribing physicians in America put kids on these drugs prior to exploring the non-drug alternatives. This is in spite of their own treatment guidelines which require that behavioural management counselling should be the first treatment option, with drugs only to be considered when this has clearly failed. Obviously, the reality is in complete contradiction to the guidelines- the evidence clearly demonstrates that physicians are eager to drug kids as the first treatment option, despite the neurological, psychological and social harm which can accrue to children as a result.

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