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Talk therapy for osteoarthritis

Posted on March 8, 2014 at 7:50 PM

Researchers have recently demonstrated the value of talk-therapy for people suffering from osteorthiritis. This is significant as osteoarthritis is an example of a demonstrable physical pathology in the body- it can be seen on X-rays. However, research is demonstrating that we can have a bone-on-bone problem, and still not be in pain. As such, something else must be present for people to suffer pain associated with osteoarthritis. This something else is a psychological factor- and that is why psychotherapy can be effective, as it is addressing the specific individual psychological issue which is contributing to the experience of physical pain. Yet another example of the evidence which is slowly but surely accruing of the inseparability of mind/body. A bio-mechanical approach is simply unable to address the complexity of the human organism, and any hope of alleviating chronic pain must take into account the broad range of realities- be they physical, emotional/psychological, social, cultural and even political.

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