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Psychiatry- the emperor really is naked!

Posted on March 8, 2014 at 12:50 AM

While the 'well informed' opinion in society is that emotional distress is 'obviously' all about chemical imbalances, the profession that spent 35 years peddling this nonsense, psychiatry, is finally admitting that it was all along a made-up hypothesis which never did have, nor currently has any evidence. The leaders in psychiatry are acknowledging this, in addition to the complete lack of evidence of a genetic cause to emotional problems; the damage caused by many of their drugs; and the lack of verification of their diagnostic 'bible', the DSM. It is largely pseudo-science, and the state of evidence has now so accumulated that this conclusion is unavoidable. But as psychiatry gave up talk-therapy in the early 80's, what else does it have to offer other than drugs? Some wise psychiatrists were never totally seduced by the drug-frenzy, and maintained an interest in psychotherapy- but they form a minority of their own profession. The tragedy is that many people are still being sold a lie by psychiatry and well intended GPs who continue to prescribe as though the chemical imbalance theory has some validity. The next step of progress is for the well informed public opinion to realize the nonsense that has been thrust upon them by the marketing branches of pharmaceutical companies (and the psychiatrists who have made a fortune from this as well).

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