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Adverse effects of Antidepressants common

Posted on February 28, 2014 at 5:55 AM

Just in case there was still any room for doubt, research has again demonstrated that commonly prescribed antidepressant drugs result in a very high rate of adverse side effects. In fact, given the frequency of these adverse effects, surely it is time to question whether they are side effects at all, rather than common effects. That some people report that they appreciate the effects of antidepressants simply means that they value the emotional dulling which is a relatively normal response.

I am often asked if I have ever recommended people use antidepressants, and my answer is 'No'. This is because i believe the adverse effects are so common, and no matter how bad a person's situation, there are always non-medical options. Answers to life's hard situations, dilemmas and hurts cannot be found in chemicals, be they pharmaceutical, recreational or illicit.

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