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Link b/n childhood anguish and chronic pain

Posted on March 2, 2013 at 10:45 PM

Researchers have recently uncovered a link between economic hardhship in childhood (eg. missing meals, and having a depressed mother) and  subsequent chronic pain and depression as an adult. This link is beyond the rate of chance, and actually is a stronger predictor of adulthood chronic back pain than are the usual culprilts trotted out by the pain industry, such as extreme structural pathology of the spine, exertion, or sedentary occupation, bending and lifting incorrectly, muscle imabalances, core muscle weaknesses, etc. Where the evidence is poor for structural pathology as a predictor of chronic back pain, there is a plethora of research evidence which makes it clear that psycho-social factors are able to predict the experience of chronic pain in a reliable manner. The research referred to below simply demonstrates another one of these psychosocial factors.

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