Dr James Alexander completed his B.A (psychology) and post graduate psychology studies at Melbourne's Monash University in the 1980's, and undertook a PhD in clinical health psychology from Southern Cross University, NSW Australia. Following his completion of a Post Graduate Diploma in Counselling Psychology, he underwent a two year internship, under the supervision of a registered psychologist, with a highly respected counselling service in Melbourne. In the decades since his graduation, he has undergone thousands of hours of additional professional training. He has been involved in psychology as a student, lecturer and practitioner for the past 30 years, and currently works in full time private clinical practice in Northern NSW. As a result of having experienced both trauma (from a car accident in which he was nearly killed as an 18 year old), and subsequent chronic pain, he has specialised in the treatment of both PTSD and chronic pain. He has undergone extensive training in the treatment of psychological trauma, including the full EMDR training, as well as the EMDR Master class training. He is currently an EMDR supervisor for the EMDR Association of Australia.

Dr James has recently completed a self-help book titled 'The Hidden Psychology of Pain', which thoroughly addresses the topic of chronic pain.  See the endorsements of this book by clicking on 'Book testimonials' above.  'The Hidden Psychology of Pain', published by Balboa Press, is available for purchase through the book link on this website, Amazon.com, the Book Depository, the Balboa Press website, as well as through www.thehiddenpsychologyofpain.com
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As companions to the book, Dr James has prepared a range of guided imagery relaxation exercises which can be purchased as either downloads from the website, or by ordering them as CDs through the post. These include:- Guided Imagery for Chronic Pain; Guided Imagery for Sleep; Guided Imagery for Hay Fever; Bi-lateral Stimulation and relaxing nature sounds; and Peaceful Place Guided Imagery.

Dr James is a founding Fellow of the Australian Association of Psychologists Inc (AAPi). He has maintained a high level of involvement in issues relating to the practice of psychology in Australia, with the overall goal of securing a fair access to quality psychological services for the public.